Sunday, May 29, 2011

Painting 024 - 5/24

Click for bigger image
Oil on canvasboard
Though this is the second time I've painted this egg, and have included a comparison side-by-side, and have in fact tagged this post 'progress'... I'm not sure if it's strictly true. I mean, I'm pretty happy with this egg, and it was decently successful as a painting, but putting it next to its predecessor - the first painting of the summer - I'm not sure if it holds up.

I didn't go dark enough on the core shadow, for one, which is really important when trying to make an object look like it has real volume; also, I always freak out when using green. On the other hand, though, I think the edges are better on the new one. I just don't know...


  1. Nice use of green!!!! IT works much better!!!

  2. Thank you! Looking at it fresh, I can see the improvement myself, which is encouraging.