Thursday, May 19, 2011

Painting 014 - 5/14

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Oil on gessoboard
This lumpen thing is supposed to be my roommate's ceramic pomegranate, which is raw pottery on the bottom and glazed a really lovely, glossy, deep red on top. I really didn't get the glossy down, and it's up to someone with fresher eyes than me to decide if anything else in this worked. For some reason, the contrast isn't really there, but in an almost pleasing way...?

Beyond it being Day Four of my no blue challenge week, I decided to try something new. My usual brushes are fairly small, all around a half-inch or less (sorry Peter! please don't take them away!) but for this, I only used brushes an inch or larger. They were filberts, so I was still able to get an edge, but it was still difficult and might inspire my next challenge week.

(oh - i've been doing this for two weeks, in posting-time anyway; in real-time, it's almost three! woah)

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