Sunday, May 8, 2011

Painting 003 - 5/3

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Oil on canvasboard

So, this is not the most successful painting of the project. There's about one section I like (that left shoulder, oh yeah) and the rest is bordering on cringeworthy. But! I'm still proud: it's completed. At a friend's place for the night, with unfamiliar brushes and a limited palette, tired and headachey, I still did my painting. And I even touched upon some interesting color things I'm going to want to go back to! So, in short: a qualified success.

Edit: It was pointed out to me by the great Tristan Elwell (hi Tristan!) that I didn't use enough paint in this. I'd reiterate and plead tired/headachey/unfamiliar brushes (no soft ones! aah!) but instead I can only bow my head in shame and promise that I know better than this, and have been working with more paint in my recent paintings. It's something I'll be keeping in mind!

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