Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Painting 061 - 6/30

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Oil on gessoed board
Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, I bring you the halfway point in my summer of painting challenge. I have painted myself again, a month after I did it the first time, and in spite of some things I'm not entirely pleased with (my nose, drawing issues with the line of my cheek, brow, and forehead, not enough chin, I look angry) wow is it a step up from last time.

When I began this project, it was with the acceptance that if I didn't improve by the end of the summer, I needed to walk away from oil painting and focus on ink, or pencil, or some other medium I was already good at for my illustrations. Since then, I have successfully completed 61 paintings in as many days, and whaddaya know? This is the improvement I was looking for. Now, in the remaining 62 days, I need to continue pushing, and prove to myself that this isn't a fluke, or a temporary upswing.

(also, yes, my hair has actually grown an inch, inch and a half in a month. it's sort of what it does.)


  1. Your work is actually VERY good, but I would suggest to work also on other subjects / models to help bring out what you MIGHT be stifling in rendering yourself alone.

    I understand the project. However, with the quality *I* see ... and what I understand about life drawing -- I implore you NOT to stop because your self portraits are not perfect. (If that is indeed your plan)

    Keep up the good work, I LOVE what I see!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment!

    I promise, I have no intention of stopping, and I'm actually really happy with this painting; every time I point out things that are wrong, it's more bookkeeping than me actually getting down about the project.

    As for subject matter... I'm pulling from readily available models, whether that's myself or the things around me. Having friends sit as models is tempting, and I'm planning on asking, but a good portrait takes at least two hours, and not many people I know have the time/inclination to do that for me, haha. And in the end, this project is less to push my subject matter and more to get familiarity with a medium I was struggling with, so while expanding my range would be more fun, I don't think it'a a necessity.

    Again, thank you for the encouragement. It means a lot!