Monday, September 26, 2011

Painting 123 - 8/31

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Oil on gessoboard
There are so many things about this that add up to me cringing in humiliation at the mere sight of it. The drawing is awful - the lips and the eyes are the only things that even sort of work, and even then the eyes' placement is wrong - and... I'll admit, I color-corrected the hell out of the scan (which I tried not to do for these posts) because the original was so awful.

It's better than the first one, but... not by a huge margin.

This is less the capstone of the project and more a testament to how done I was. After this painting, I didn't touch a brush to another surface for almost two weeks the first two days of which I spent watching the most mindless drek I could find streaming on the internet. Therein lies a lot of why it's taken me so long to finish posting these things: I didn't want to look at them, let alone put effort into showing them to others.

But I finished it. For four months, I didn't miss a single day (or night) of painting, come vacation and social visits and hurricanes and apathy and fatigue.

As ashamed of this painting as I am, I'm damn proud of that.

(i'll be doing a postmortem on the project in a day or two)

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